As a video production agency, we understand the importance of creating compelling branding videos that effectively communicate the key values and philosophy of a brand. In this case, our client was Quico, a Hong Kong-based home appliance brand focused on providing quick and convenient solutions for their customers.
The Concept
Our idea for the branding video, titled "Make it Simple," was to visually convey the design philosophy of Quico by using simple and clean visual language. We wanted to create a video that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also informative and engaging for the viewers.
The Process
To achieve this, we carefully crafted a storyboard that highlighted the key features of Quico's products and showcased their benefits to the customers. We used a mix of live-action footage to create a dynamic and visually appealing video that effectively communicated Quico's design philosophy.
The Result
Throughout the video, we emphasized the importance of simplicity and convenience, showing how Quico's products can make everyday tasks easier and more efficient. We used bright and vibrant colors to create a sense of energy and excitement, while also maintaining a clean and minimalistic look that aligned with Quico's design aesthetic.
Overall, "Make it Simple" was a successful branding video that effectively communicated Quico's design philosophy and key values. Our team was proud to work on this project and we believe that it showcases our ability to create visually engaging and informative videos for our clients.

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