In 2021, Urban Renewal Fund was celebrating their 10th anniversary at Tai Kwun with a thematic exhibition. They are going to hold the event with multiple screen installations to illustrate individual projects and a 10 minute documentary to recap their previous work. And hence, a series of case study videos are needed.
The Challenge
In general, case study videos for governmental bodies often give a slow, draggy, formal feeling. However, since URF is an organisation that aims to revitalise redeveloping communities, we want our videos to carry that refreshing, energetic vibes too.
Mood board
We want to capture a bright, clean, sunny community with elements from east and west to showcase HK's multiculturalism and improved public spaces with room to breath.
The Playground
3D photo effects to illustrate a dynamic community
Stop motion to showcase colourful graffiti work in the neighbourhood
Paper cut historical photo comparison to show change of urban landscape
The Results

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