Booster Pokebot is a massage gun that targets a younger demographic by incorporating elements of fashion and style into its design. With its sleek and modern appearance, the Booster Pokebot is not your typical massage gun. Instead, it is a stylish accessory that adds a touch of flair to any outfit.
Our Approach
To further appeal to its target audience, our team used a handheld camera technique to create a more intimate and personal feel to the video. This approach allowed us to showcase the Booster Pokebot in a more relatable and approachable way, as if the viewer was experiencing the product in the same way as the intended demographic.
Additionally, we incorporated an upbeat and energetic score that matched the rhythmic movements of the massage gun. This helped to create a sense of excitement and anticipation, further highlighting the product's benefits and features.
Outdoor Exposure
In October 2020, this video was displayed at SOGO outdoor TV in Causeway Bay, the biggest outdoor screen in Asia Pacific Region.

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