The Next Level Fitness Experience
MOTUS Orbit+ is a coming-of-age fitness equipment. Basically, it’s just a re-invented version of hula hoop. The inventor aims to launch it on Kickstarter, but here’s the problem - who’s gonna pay several hundreds of dollars for an improved version of hula hoops?
Creating Demand Through Storytelling
Our first and foremost challenge is to tell our audience why their old hula hoops aren’t enough for their fitness goals, then we dig into the problems, and introduce Motus Orbit+ as a solution, and hence drive the demand for a modern workout device. 
By showing our talent’s reaction to a fake Motus Orbit+ ad, we break the fourth wall in a fun and humorous way to catch our audience’s attention by directly addressing the questions in their mind - why am I watching this? ​​​​​​​
Then, we go back in time to search for the origin of hula hoop, to show our audience that it’s a toy that was designed ages ago. And with modern day conditions, we need a modernised hula hoop. 
This project is 600% over pledged.

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